Whether you’ve decided to move to the Middle East or you’re changing apartment or house, what prices should you expect to find on the rental market? 

The Middle East is a vast region, and rental conditions can vary drastically from one country to the other. For this article, we will focus on renting in the GCC area, specifically the UAE and Kuwait.

So what can you expect if you’re looking to rent? We take the UAE and Kuwait as two examples. 

Rent in the UAE

The cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi undoubtedly register the highest rent prices in the country (Source: Internations). In fact, residents in the two city-states can expect to spend almost half their salary on rent. 

Tenants and landlords do not always have the best relationship, so it’s not uncommon for landlords to require a three month deposit and / or a year’s worth of pre-dated checks. At Ajar Online, we’re doing our best to improve this relationship through different management tools and more flexible payment options. 

Tenants have a rich choice of spaces to choose from in the UAE, whether they are looking to rent a studio, an apartment, a house or a villa. The average price to rent an apartment varies between AED 70,000 to AED and 100,000 per year while prices to rent a house or a villa start at AED 190,000. That said, prices can vary immensely between regions within the same city and can start at AED 20,000 per year in some areas (Source: Gulf News).  


In addition to the many residential buildings in Kuwait, many Kuwaiti citizens choose to rent floors or apartments in their houses to gain additional regular income. 

The price to rent an apartment can start at KD 60 per month for shared residences. Otherwise, rent  typically starts around 250KD per month and can go up to KD 1500 for a single bedroom (Source: Find Ajar Data). 

Find your perfect apartment or villa – for rent or for sale – on findajar.com, where hundreds of properties in Kuwait are listed and updated every day. 

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