Ajar The Most Trusted Software for Property Management and Rent Collection in Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain, is constantly working on providing new online payment methods inspired by financial technology (Fintech), in order to facilitate paying rent process for tenants who are registered on Ajar, and thus ensure the completion of the rental payment process on time. In order to enable Landlords, property managers and real estate companies to manage their properties and collect rent easily and securely. Therefore, new rental payment methods are constantly being tested every time by our Fintech team that works hard to provide the easiest and most secure services to our clients. What is Ajar QR code scanning payment method , and what are its advantages to tenants and Landlords?

Ajar QR code scanning payment method

The Ajar Fintech team has devised a way to pay rent due on time, by QR code scanning, which includes detailed information on:

  • Vacant Units (Available): The QR code includes information on the rental price of the vacant unit, and all related rental information
  • Occupied Unit: By scanning the QR code, the tenant can pay rent, utilize Ajar in terms of communication and other features related to the unit.

Experimental Method

This QR code scanning payment method is currently being tested on occupied units in Kuwait. The QR code payment method is implemented by the tenant as follows:

  • QR code scan
  • Reach the payment page
  • Choose the preferred payment option
  • Pay
  • Get receipt and Landlords inform in real-time via the dashboard

We conclude that this method helps to remind the tenant to pay rent on time, to keep the payment receipt and to access the services of Ajar on one hand. Also, landlords and property managers can track link invoice receipt, clicks on the payment link, and payment collection on the other hand.

When will the QR code scanning payment method be approved?

It should be noted that the QR code scanning payment method is currently being tested in Kuwait only, and after confirming the effectiveness of this method, it will be adopted in the UAE and Bahrain.

 What is special about paying by Ajar QR code?

The reason why Ajar Fintech team has tested this advanced method of paying rent is due to many important reasons, like:

  • Increasing tenants’ awareness regarding online transactions
  • Easy access to all tenants, and avoiding incorrect phone numbers
  • Having a physical presence in vacant/occupied units will cut out the notification stage, and gives more credibility to the tenant
  • It is part of the digitization of the real estate sector by introducing effective and secure payment methods

Follow more interesting topics in Ajar blog, to know the results of the QR code scanning payment method testing in Kuwait. Stay tuned for more interesting topics in the Ajar blog, as we will highlight in our upcoming articles about How Ajar is applying Fintech to provide better services, in order to become the technological infrastructure necessary for the growth of real estate sector.

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