After the success it achieved in Kuwait and the UAE, “Ajar”, the leading real estate management and rental collection platform in Kuwait and the UAE, announced the launch of its operations in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which will contribute to providing seamless and secure technology solutions for property management and rent collection, that meet the needs of individual landlords, property managers and real estate companies.

Ajar in Bahrain

Ajar seeks to develop the real estate sector, in terms of employing new technology in financial services, and providing perfect customer service over time, as the platform recently concluded a partnership with “Visa” to enable real estate owners and real estate companies to collect rents instantly from different countries, with the possibility of tracking the entire payment process, moment by moment, without the need for traditional means that require a lot of time. In addition, individual landlords, property managers and real estate companies can complete the following operations through Ajar system:

  • Know the status of the collection of each property
  • The possibility of linking each property or real estate portfolio with more than one bank account different from the other
  • Possibility to obtain instant, accurate and structured reports on vacant units, contract status, tenant payment status and other contracts at any time
  • The platform also provides various easy and fast payment methods, with flexible payment features according to the tenant’s desire, all this and more through one platform that enjoys protection and security.


How do I Benefit from Ajar Services in Bahrain?

Ajar’s presence in the Bahraini real estate market is an opportunity to demonstrate the importance of the role that financial technology(Fintech) can play in developing, and facilitating real estate management, and achieving the highest levels of success. All individual landlords, property managers and real estate companies can sign up now here.

From one Success to Another

On the occasion of The launch of Ajar operations in Bahrain, Mr. Mohammed Al-Munaikh, CEO of Ajar commented: After the great success that Ajar has achieved in Kuwait and the UAE, this must be the perfect time to enter the Bahraini real estate market, because Bahrain is the hub of fintech in the region, and it was important for Ajar platform to enter the Bahraini real estate market. To prove its presence thereby supporting the digitization process of the real estate sector.”

He added: “We aspire to become a platform for the technological infrastructure of the real estate sector, as it always supports property owners to develop their efficiency and increase ROI.”

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