Inline with the world’s  favourite GoT quote, “The winter is coming, brace yourselves”, we rounded up 5 quick and easy ways to prepare your apartment for colder temperatures.

Winter is just around the corner, some people love it, the cosiness with hot chocolate in front of the fireplace, and others can’t stand it. Besides preparing clothings and blankets for the winter, it’s also a good idea to prepare your apartment to help keep it warm and save on utility bills.

1. Seal Drafts

The windows in your apartment can be the main source of cold air sneaking in, whether they are closed or not. Sealing them will prevent warm air from getting out, and cold air leaking inside. Best two methods to determine a draft; put your hand near the opening to feel drafts or hold a candle near the edge of the window, and if it flickers, there is a draft. Seal that area with waterproof tape, heavy draperies or using a towel. If it needs more maintenance, contact your landlord to repair or replace them.

2. Test your Heating System

Whether you have central heating, gas or portable heaters, make sure you test them to guarantee no surprises happen and they are operating properly. A suggestion is to replace your air filters to circulate more efficiently, as your system will work twice as hard if it’s running on dirty filters. If you notice something wrong, contact your landlord to get it fixed, being proactive with maintenance is always a good approach. Make sure no furniture pieces are blocking the vents too, as this will prevent air flow and circulation in your apartment.

3. Prevent Rodents

Rodents search for warm places to live when the weather is cold, and this must be prevented early to avoid the hassle of Ratatouille and the cost of getting rid of pests and mice. To prevent this, inspect the outside and inside perimeters of your apartment for openings; cracks near the foundation or walls, pipes and holes. If any are found, immediately seal them with steel wool, wire or anything that will make it inaccessible. Don’t underestimate the sizes, pests and mice can squeeze through the tiniest holes.  Hint: If you spot a mouse or pest problem in your building’s common areas, your apartment may be their next stop.

4. Reverse your Ceiling Fans

Fans are great in summer, the ceiling blades cool a room quickly by pushing cold air down. In winter, you would want this reversed, by doing so, you’re changing the rotation of the blades and directing warm air back down, hence, heating the room.

5. Saving Money

Utility bills reach to as high as +50% during winter due to high energy consumption, which could be a problem for limited budgets. Instead of freezing to avoid paying more, there are many ways to save on the bills and still stay warm. Here are a few extra tips to protect your cash by conserving energy.

  • Close your blinds and curtains during night time and rainy days
  • Put rugs and carpets on your floors to prevent heat from escaping
  • Invest in heavier bedding to sleep warmly with reduced heating system
  • Keep your thermostat on a modest temperature between 65-75 degrees. If you’re out of town for a few days, don’t turn it completely off, as this can result in frozen pipes that causes floods and more unneeded headaches
  • Consider smaller heaters like portable heaters and electric blankets, and add extra warmth to the most frequently used parts of your apartment

Winter is a great time to get cozy, watch your favorite movies, and cuddle under the blanket, with a big mug of hot chocolate keeping your hands warm. Use our tips to be satisfied and warm during winter.

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