We are always fascinated by some of our friends and families homes, and wish we had 10% of their taste and talent to make our own homes look the same. Interior design  is a popular topic because everyone desires it, but it costs a fortune, and not everyone can afford to hire an interior designer to come into their home, guiding all their design decisions and so on.
Instead of stressing and hoping you were gifted with creativity, let’s take a look at some of our tips that make it seem that you hired an interior designer.

Start being creative by following these 4 DIY interior designing tips.

1.Make use of magazines and websites to be inspired

You don’t need to go far to get inspired, hundreds of magazines and websites even available for free, can spark the inspiration and give you the basic ideas on what you want your home to look like. One of our favourite websites is Pinterest, you can view many pinned posts by similar homeowners and interior designers to start your creativity journey. Create a board for your dream decor, and search for home styles and interior designers posts that appeal to you. Once you have identified and collected ideas, you are a step closer to your dream decor. You can also collect other ideas from websites, and end it by creating the final creative image that inspires you.

2. Add texture to your walls

You may have chosen the right colours, and satisfied with its appearance, but equally as important to colours, is texture, specially if you want a single colour scheme. To boost the volumes, add texture to the room. You can add texture to your walls by using paints or wall tiles with variety of tints, pictures, mirrors or whatever you like. A white dull room can be spiced up with a  nice maroon chair, silky cushions, baskets and mirrors, all these elements add the right texture to grab people’s attention and give you a sophisticated feel. But be smart with what you choose, if you have pets and children, avoid light colours that will definately be stained, and go for darker colours and materials that are easier to clean.

3. Statement furniture

Furniture is the utmost important decor component, many mistakes happen when too many small pieces are all thrown in one room. Most designers will recommend that all rooms have one large statement piece of furniture, such as a large sofa or cabinet, a mix of small and large pieces is the key to a successful and eye grabbing decor, and always add signature accessoires or souvenirs to make it more appealing and sophisticated, but don’t go too heavy with accessories to avoid a less balanced look for the room. Mirrors can add instant light to your living space, so add some decorative ones to fill empty space.

4. Decorate it right

Interior decorators will tell you that the most important aspect of your home decor, is a reflection of your personality and style. Your decor tells your visitors a story, whether it is an antique desk you inherited from your grandparents, or a trophee you just won in your last marathon, they all have their own stories. A mix and match of new and old items, placed right, can be a book and you the author.  Trays, decorative bowls and baskets are a great start when decorating rooms, specially for any little niches throughout your home. Coffee tables are the common piece of furniture for all houses, spice it up by adding a gold tray, a candle holder, or maybe a bowl of coloured stones. Bathrooms have many accessories and items, put a nice tray matching the texture to collect bathroom soaps, perfumes, hand towels, etc…
A refreshing look needs to include plants and flowers, as simple as it may seem, adding floral arrangements, can really add that final touch to your art piece. Purchase easy-care plants that last years, if they are properly watered, and avoid fake floral arrangements as they will reduce the classiness of your decor.

Voila! You are now prepared to be your own interior designer. Remember, this is your home and you will live in it, so create a home you love and cherish that tells a story, and you’re the author.


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